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Holiday with neon lights & chandeliers in a fully pimped campervan
Travel in Style and Pay Budget Rates

Don't travel New Zealand tamed in an ORDINARY Campervan. Rent a Sweet As Camper and travel with REAL attitude !

   Pimped Campervan features:


Customised NZ Campervans

All of our pimped campervans are individually customised and features differ between vehicles. The images displayed are only an indication of the style of campervan hire vehicle available. If you have a particular campervan you prefer please let us know at the time of booking. It is not possible to guarantee your choice but we do our best to try to allocate your preference.

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Pimped campervan hire NZ

Meet the Fleet

RED: Racy red is the only one in the fleet with manual transmission. Red interior, coloured interior lights and tinted windows. Low key on the outside, party central inside. Setbelts: 3.

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PURPLE: This mean machine has a long front bumper and angry headlights. The bubble tinted windows and moon roof over the driving cab are extremely awesome. Softly padded from floor to ceiling, high interior roof and groovy mood lighting. Seatbelts: 2.

MAROON: This van has a sweet body kit, bat wings and chubby mags. A real attention seeker with tinted windows for daytime privacy. Another van with snug interior padding, extra head room and shag pile carpet, ideal for cold nights. Seatbelts: 3.

WHITE: Nice and tidy with soft seats and and padded walls. A unique rear seat set up for hanging out inside. The chandeliers light up to set the mood nicely. Seatbelts: 3.

YELLOW: Our canary yellow camper has a full body kit, racing wings and white interior. Add fat mags and a moon roof and you've got yourself a real show stopper. Seatbelts: 2.