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New Zealand Wide Campervan Hire

Holiday with neon lights & chandeliers in a fully pimped campervan
Travel in Style and Pay Budget Rates

Don't travel New Zealand tamed in an ORDINARY Campervan. Rent a Sweet As Camper and travel with REAL attitude !

6 Berth range

Our Modern full size 6 berth campervans are extremely spacious and fully equipped with everything you need for a great family holiday, including the kitchen sink!

The external storage unit
(available on some models) is great for those who don’t like to travel light, and gas hot water ensures you wont have a cold shower. Features include large king size bed, satellite TV (available in some models), DVD and an extra large bathroom with vanity, cupboards and mirror.



Length: 6 metres
Width: 2.5 metres
Height: 3.5metres
Fridge: 70 litres
Fresh water: 80L

Grey water: 90L

Gas bottle: 9kgs
Fuel capacity: 70L
Fuel usage: aprox 12L per 100kms

Transmission: Manual

Engine: 2L -3L diesel


INSURANCE: Our standard insurance excess is NZ$3300. This can be reduced to NZ$500 for a small daily fee (depending on time and length of hire and vehicle). Contact us for a quote.

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6 Berth Compact

This camper is ideal for families and groups. Easy to drive and very economic, it is only 5 metres long and can be driven on a car license. Plan a cheap New Zealand camping holiday with all of the comforts of home.

This campervan is fully self contained with gas and solar power so it does not need to be plugged in to power to use the amenities. It even has a converter so that you can watch DVD’s on TV from the battery without being plugged in to mains power.



Length: 5 metres
Width: 2.2 metres
Height: 2.7 metres
Fridge: 60 litres
Fresh water: 60L

Grey water: 60L

Gas bottle: 9kgs
Fuel capacity: 70L
Fuel usage: aprox 10L per 100kms

Transmission: Automatic

Engine: 2.5L diesel